Treated Like a Dog Part 5


After graduation from High School, Melissa had moved in with her brother Mark so she could be with him as his dog.   She no longer wore clothes ever and had been trained to go to the bathroom on newspaper and lick herself clean.   She wore a studded collar, but other than that had no clothes.   The man who had trained her to be a dog had beat her for wearing his clothes, so she would not think of wearing Mark's.   He had continued allowing her to behave as a dog since it had become a fetish for her and she could not have sex in the normal way.   She felt so guilty if she used the toilet or wore clothes that it would ruin the mood for her.   She had managed to finish school only by having a home tutor, and her gymnastics career was now a lost dream.   She thought of herself as a dog, playing naked all day with toys Mark bought her.   Being a psychology major, Mark feared it was some sort of dissociative disorder brought about by the trauma of being abducted and trained as a dog, all with their parents' consent.   The man who had trained her had abandoned her, however, after proving to her parents that she could be trained to be obedient.   Her only desire in life now was to be a good dog and deserve the sex her brother gave her.
Mark pretty much gave her as much attention as he could, but  his class was going out of town to a convention as part of his education.   He left her plenty of food in her dog dish and plenty of water.   She sadly watched him leave to go on his trip, but was happy when he promised to bring her some goodies back with him.
That night,  Melissa lay under the blanket on her futon "doggy bed".   Since she never went out, few people even knew she was there.

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    She was missing her brother, crying as she went to sleep.
Melissa awoke to the sound of breaking glass.   She ran out into the living room, only to see there was a burglar.   Unsure what to do, she began barking like a dog, knowing that would surely get him to go away.   She did not know why he was smiling at her, since she was a guard dog and he should be running.
She felt him reach over and grab her by the hair.   "So you think you're a dog, eh?" he said, amused.   He clapped a hand around er butt and slid a finger up between her legs.   She felt herself getting wet involuntarily.   "Let's see if you fuck like a dog, then. "  He pushed her down to the floor on her hands and knees, dropping his pants.   He forced himself into her from behind.   He rammed his cock into her for ten minutes, sending her body into convulsions.   When he finished with her, he shoved her aside and finished filling this bag full of Mark's belongings.
She just lay there, watching him, until he grabbed her collar and dragged her out behind him.

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    "I can use a dog like you," he said, grabbing her wrist and shoving her out onto the fire escape.   She stood naked there, held forcefully by the burglar.   She felt extremely vulnerable and feared she would fall. She clung to the man for balance and he helped her down the stairs and down to a van.   The sight of it reminded her of the van she had been in when she first woke to her life as a dog.   Her pussy quivered in anticipation of what would happen next.
Arriving at the man's small basement apartment across town, he shoved her down the stairs and into the small flat.   He pushed her onto the bed that lay in the middle of the room.   Spreading her legs, he slid into her and fucked her. She allowed him to do as he wished; after all, she was his dog now.  

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